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Q: If my wife wants one kind of car and I prefer something else, how can I get her to see the light?
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Car Insurance TricksFive things to remember.

Raise your deductible as much as you can pay on short notice. Most people won’t even think of making a claim for less than $1,000, so make sure your deductible is at least this much, as it will lower your rate.

Drop the collision coverage as your car reaches the end of its life cycle, as insurers are likely to pay just its low replacement value rather than a major repair if the vehicle gets in a serious collision.

• Make sure you get all the discounts coming to you: Mature drivers, good grades for students, defensive driving courses, anti-theft devices and bundling up car and home insurance may all qualify you for an auto insurance discount, depending on the company.

Compare insurance rates using Canadian online tools such as insurancehotline.com, which reward you for the tedious task of inputting all pertinent information by instantly submitting, then displaying the lowest rates for various companies.

• Check the insurance rates for your next car before you buy. Even some low-priced, boring commuter cars have ridiculously high insurance rates.

Michael Bettencourt test drives more than 100 new vehicles a year and is a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada.