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Q: Are hybrids really that much better for the environment than regular cars?
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Holy Car Tech! If you haven't bought a new car in a while, you could be in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to the latest features. Here are some examples with the most notable safety and convenience benefits.

Vision Upgrades
Get eyes in the back of your head--sort of--with live rear-view monitors on navi screens and rear-view mirrors that automatically come on when you shift into reverse. The latest trick is a 360-degree video-game-like display of your vehicle from above, which shows all obstacles around your car.

Power-Folding Tailgates and Doors
These are becoming available on an increasing number of upscale SUVs and minivans. Simply touch a button on the key fob or tailgate, and it powers itself open or closed.

True Keyless Entry
Unlike regular keyless remotes, these handy systems allow you to keep the whole key fob in your pocket or purse, and the car will sense its presence as you place your hand on any door handle (i.e. no more digging through pockets or purse to find your keys). The best systems allow you to keep your keys tucked away while you twist a keyless starter or push a power button on or off.

DVD Entertainment
What started as a flip-down single screen in minivans has now morphed into two backrest-integrated screens available in various crossovers and SUVs, as well as the Buick LaCrosse sedan. The latest Toyota Sienna has come out with a super-wide 16-inch screen back there, too.

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