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1. Rockin' Road Trip Music
2. Awesome Road Trips for Couples
3. Car Insurance Tricks
4. Car Buying for Two
5. 2's Road Trip Playlist
6. Save on Gas!
7. Get Your Drive On!
8. WATCH: Husband Takes Terrified Wife For Spin Around Daytona
9. What Kind of Driver Are You?
10. How to Give Driving Directions
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exp_michaelbettencourt.png Car Guy

Michael Bettencourt with straight answers on the auto industry.

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How much real haggle room is there on a new car?
What’s the best car you’ve ever test driven? And what about the worst?
I am planning to lease a car for three years and would like to buy it out and sell it privately instead of lose money trading it in to a dealer. What car companies offer the best resale value in Canada? And are there options that will help maximize my car
Why do they make cars that can go fast if you can’t legally drive them that fast?
I’m looking at buying a slightly used car. How can I get a good deal—and a car that’s not damaged goods?
We want a hybrid, but the savings at the pump likely won’t pay for the extra costs involved. Is the government offering any price breaks?
How do I know when it’s time to trade in my old car?
Is it true that many SUVs have an extra gas guzzler tax to pay now?
What colours are most popular in vehicles right now?
How can I save the most money with the latest federal budget incentives for fuel-efficient cars?
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