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1. Rockin' Road Trip Music
2. Awesome Road Trips for Couples
3. Car Insurance Tricks
4. Car Buying for Two
5. 2's Road Trip Playlist
6. Save on Gas!
7. Get Your Drive On!
8. WATCH: Husband Takes Terrified Wife For Spin Around Daytona
9. What Kind of Driver Are You?
10. How to Give Driving Directions
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exp_michaelbettencourt.png Car Guy

Michael Bettencourt with straight answers on the auto industry.

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How much does a new car depreciate the minute it leaves the lot?
Our young son is a huge fan of cars—real ones as much as the cartoon or toy versions. Can you think of any auto-related trip ideas he'd enjoy (and us too)?
Our child gets carsick easily. How can we make it a smoother ride for them (and for us!)?
How do I inquire about buying the test drive vehicle at a dealership? And would you even recommend purchasing one?
I never have a clue what my mechanic is talking about, and I want to feel empowered. Are there car courses I can take or websites I can visit to learn more about the lingo?
As a car writer, what’s it like test-driving so many cars?
When’s the best time of year to get great car deals?
Is premium gas really that much better for your car?
I’m an idiot. I got a big speeding ticket. Is it worth fighting it in court?
You still hear about people dying in completely survivable accidents because they weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Why in heavens would someone not buckle up in this day and age?
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