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1. Rockin' Road Trip Music
2. Awesome Road Trips for Couples
3. Car Insurance Tricks
4. Car Buying for Two
5. 2's Road Trip Playlist
6. Save on Gas!
7. Get Your Drive On!
8. WATCH: Husband Takes Terrified Wife For Spin Around Daytona
9. What Kind of Driver Are You?
10. How to Give Driving Directions
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exp_michaelbettencourt.png Car Guy

Michael Bettencourt with straight answers on the auto industry.

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What’s the difference between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive?
My wife practically hugs the steering wheel when she drives, but I like to be far back from it. Which way is safer?
A lot of our friends with kids are buying minivans with small flip-down TV monitors to keep the little ones occupied. Should we follow suit?
How do I get my girlfriend more interested in cars?
If my wife wants one kind of car and I prefer something else, how can I get her to see the light?
My husband never cleans the car. It’s disgusting. What do you recommend I do?
What’s the best highway lane to be in?
Why are cars always more expensive at the dealers than in listings in newspaper auto sections?
What car movies would you recommend?
How often should I change the oil in my car?
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