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Q: We have a little nook—or more like indent—in the wall opposite the bar area in our basement. It is 13 inches deep by 66 inches wide, and other than putting bookshelves in there, we’re not sure what to do with it. Any tips?

Tamara says...
If you want to create drama and the illusion of space, you could have a piece of mirror cut to fit the back wall from floor to ceiling. This will reflect your bar area, making the space feel bigger and bounce around light, while still allowing you to place a small table and chair there to create a sitting area. Another option: Build in a bench with cushions and pillows (think window bench) for a cozy sitting area, then pull up a small round table and a couple of chairs for a game of cards. To finish, add a piece of art above the bench or, for another effect, combine the mirror idea with the bench idea.

Tamara Chiarello's interior design company, In Vision, does both residential and commercial work. Send her your decorating questions here.