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exp_laraceroni.png Lara Ceroni, Fashionista

Lara Ceroni helps you find your style.

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I'm loving the trend of textured, rainbow-hued tights, but can a thirtysomething woman really pull off a kaleidoscope of colours without looking like a teenager?
Pocket squares seem to be making a comeback in men's fashion. How can I wear them without looking like I stepped out of my grandfather's closet?
My wife gets regular facials and I have to admit, her skin looks amazing after. I'm curious—can men reap the same benefits?
I really want a men’s carryall but I’m worried about being ridiculed for carrying a “man purse.” What are some chic yet masculine options?
Seeing as the ’80s are back in fashion in a big way, how can I make the trend work for me without looking like Molly Ringwald circa 1985?
I just turned 30. Should I be using anti-aging products?
I find that my nails get brittle during the cold season and that they often break easily. Can you recommend any treatments or products to strengthen them?
My favourite fragrance seems to fade so quickly after I’ve applied it. Do you have any suggestions for how to make it last longer?
Are cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures risky for everyone?
What do you think of fashion knock-offs: Good or bad?