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Q: My favourite fragrance seems to fade so quickly after I’ve applied it. Do you have any suggestions for how to make it last longer?

Lara says...
What you want to do is layer the fragrance using different products that come from the same fragrance family: For men, start with a shower gel; for women, a body cream. Then finish with the actual cologne or perfume. That way, you’ll be nicely scented for hours. By the way, those old rituals of slapping your cheeks with aftershave or rubbing your wrists together after spraying your eau de toilette are a no-no. They diminish the staying power of the fragrance. Instead, to make the scent last longer, spritz your major pulse points starting at, believe it or not, the ankles, then work your way up to the knees, wrists and neck. Because the blood vessels are closer to the skin in these areas, they generate more heat, allowing the fragrance to permeate and last longer.

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