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Q: I just turned 30. Should I be using anti-aging products?

Photograph of an elephant.Lara says...
No offence, but I find it quite amusing when someone turns 30 and all of a sudden they panic over wrinkles, cellulite and receding hairlines. Sure, our skin does evolve as we age, and yes—we should pay attention to it—but I’m not about to suggest you overhaul your entire skin-care routine. It’ll cost you a fortune and, well, it’s just not worth it. Holly Sherrard, education manager at The International Dermal Institute of Canada, says you should look out for two things: cumulative sun-damage to your skin (dehydration, pigmentation) and reduced collagen production (which slows down by one percent every year). So, what’s her best defense? Dermalogica’s AGE Smart line. The Dynamic Skin Recovery cream promotes firmness, elasticity and hydration, while the Antioxidant HydraMist improves texture and stimulates collagen formation.

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