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Top 7 Royal Wedding Facebook Fan Posts More than 15,000 well-wishers have gathered on our Royal Wedding 2011 Facebook page to celebrate all things Will and Kate, and boy, do these fans know how to get the party started! From one-of-a-kind art pieces to posing with life-sized Will and Kate cut-outs around the world, here are our seven fave Facebook posts of the last few months.

Martha-Louise Wass poses with Will and Kate.

1. "They are in Trafalgar Square [above], if anyone wants to join them!" —Martha-Louise Wass (April 9, 2011)

Victoria Schweizer's painted portrait of Will and Kate.2. "Hand-painted acrylic on canvas [at left]. Oversized portraits now available!" -Victoria Schweizer (April 6)

3. "Somebody asked: What's the big deal about [Will and Kate]? Oh my word, really? Really?! Come on, it's romance in the air and the hope of goodness and love and--yes, I do believe in fairy tales and I hope and pray they live happily ever after!! Cheers to you both and to all those who believe in love forever to one man and one woman, for life!! It is a beautiful thing when you find it!! I should know, I have found it!!" -Leigh Ann Lemmons Browne (April 18)

4. "What is your royal wedding guest name? Start with either ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’. Your first name is one of your grandparents’ names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street you grew up on. Yours royally." -Vanessa Whale (April 19)

Hillary Stevenson Tattersall's Union Jack pedicure.

5. "Too much? [above]" -Hillary Stevenson Tattersall (April 12)

6."Royal visit to St. Andrews today." (You must log in to Facebook to view photo album.) -Hannah Towers (February 25)

Royal-wedding inspired photo shoot.

7. "Here is our take on the royal wedding [above]. See the inspired photo shoot!" -Emma At Theweddingdaze (April 17)

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