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Kate's Childhood Dreams Come True in PEI

UPDATE: Check out footage of Kate receiving her very own copy of Anne of Green Gables from none other than "Anne" herself (at 1:27)!

Posted by Beth Maher
2011-07-06, 11:05:05


Cover of Puffin Classics edition of Anne of Green Gables.It's old news that Will and Kate are just like us, but we're still always pleased when these two relatable royals reveal yet another way us common folk can identify with Their Royal Highnesses.

Our latest shared common ground? Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. Like many young girls, Kate reportedly loved the book as a child. No doubt memories of the Canadian classic are flooding back to her as she tours Anne's birthplace, Prince Edward Island, the next stop on the Canadian royal tour.

In fact, Kate Macdonald Butler, Montgomery's granddaughter, will join Will and Kate in Dalvay-by-the-Sea, PEI, today at a reception in their honor, in hopes of presenting Kate with a special edition of Anne of Green Gables (above, at left) as a memento of their royal tour of PEI.

[via Penguin Canada]

Posted by Beth Maher
2011-07-04, 10:39:05