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Will & Kate In No Rush To Have Kids Say Royal Insiders

Naturally, there has been much speculation about when Will and Kate will start planning a family. Claudia Joseph, author of the biography Kate: The Making of a Princess, says there isn't any great urgency.

"She comes from a warm and loving family and adores children, but there isn’t a necessity to produce (an heir) now, and they will do everything in their own good time," Joseph tells TucsonCitizen.com.

Will's mother, the late Princess Diana, was pregnant with Will within five months of marrying Prince Charles in 1981, but Will and Kate will follow their own timeline and take their time, say insiders. 

"Unlike Charles (just after his marriage), William has a job and commitments and they’re important because the taxpayers have paid millions of pounds to train him," adds royals observer Dickie Arbiter. "He is very dedicated to his job, and Kate will be alongside him in support."


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Posted by Neil Morton
2011-08-08, 08:41:54