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Why The Queen Absolutely Adores Kate

Kate has developed an amazing reputation around the world, but inside Buckingham Palace she is also adored by none other than the Queen.

The Queen not only recognizes the value of Kate to the monarchy, the Royal Family, but also highly approves of Will's choice of life partner.

"The Queen was so happy on the wedding day, she was practically skipping," one courtier tells the Mirror. "Seeing her family full of joy but also seeing the public support and excitement touched her greatly."

The Queen was also very impressed with how Kate performed on the Tour of Canada her and Will went on last summer -- the Queen even loaned Kate the very diamond maple leaf brooch she wore on her first visit to Canada back in 1951.

She's impressed how Kate takes her responsibilties seriously, how she seems more than willing to learn about princess etiquette and take advice and tips from the Queen herself.

That said, after seeing what happened to Diana -- and her relationship to Prince Charles -- the Queen wants to give Kate time to adapt to the pressures of Royal Life and everything that comes with it. 

"There is a definite feeling of wanting to give Kate time to get used to her royal life rather than thrust her in at the deep end and say, 'OK, off you go,' " an inside source tells the Mirror.

"The Queen supports the idea she should be allowed to take things at her own pace."

Ultimately, the Queen recognizes the impact Kate's having on people everywhere she goes but is also developing a deep bond with her -- and respect.

The Queen has also done her best to get to know Kate's family, for example inviting the Middletons to lunch a few days before the wedding.

As for this year, the Queen recognizes the importance of the Royal World Tour, as on the heels of last year's Royal Wedding she wants to keep the momentum going.

To continue to make the monarchy relevant again.

Which it is, thanks in large part to Kate.


Posted by Neil Morton
2012-01-31, 08:59:01

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