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Are Will & Kate Announcing A Royal Baby In December?

A new article in Australian magazine New Idea has Royal baby watchers salivating.

The article quotes Kate's old school mate Jessica Hay as suggesting Kate has "wonderful, happy news" to share next month with the world. 

Hay, who attended the Royal couple's wedding reception and shared a school dormitory with Kate at 14, notes that "William and Kate are focused on starting a family" and that "they're planning to make an announcement in December."

A December baby announcement would be a great Christmas gift to Royal fans around the world. This possible annoucement, on the heels of a new poll that reveals Prince William is the most popular royal in recent history and support for the monarchy is at a 20-year high, would cap off another amazing year for Will and Kate -- topless photo scandal aside. 

Plus, they plan to work out of a home office together at Kensington Palace, which would make things much easier if they were to have a baby -- and have made no secret of the fact they want to have kids. 

Yes, Will and Kate and the Royals are hot, hot, hot right now. And a baby announcement would send this to a fever pitch.

Posted by Neil Morton
2012-11-19, 09:39:58

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