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Will and Kate Are Having a Baby!

We hear the pitter-patter of tiny royal feet! It's official -- St James Palace has confirmed that Will and Kate are having a baby

After years of endless bump-watching, we're pinching ourselves here -- not that we didn't see it coming two weeks ago. And now the real speculation can begin -- is it twins? What will they name it? What's the gender? Will Pippa plan the baby shower out of her new book, Celebration? And most importantly -- what does their dog Lupo make of it all?! 

The Duchess of Cambridge is currently in a London hospital re-cuperating from acute morning sickness, according to the couple's reps. They're only saying the couple found out the happy news "recently". Speculation says the pregnancy is still quite early in the first trimester (aka hasn't hit the twelve week mark)...so it's entirely possible Will and his son/daughter could share a June birthday!

The Royal family are "delighted" with news. As for us -- we're practically giddy! 


Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-12-03, 11:24:30

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