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Royal Baby Round-Up

Within seconds of the big royal baby announcement, the internet whipped up a storm of regal-foetus related content. Here's the best the net had to say about Will and Kate's bun-in-the-ducal-oven:

Could it actually be TWINS? The Daily Mail is reading the hormone levels, and they're pointing to multiple bundles of blue-blooded baby joy!

Kate's currently in the hospital with acute morning sickness, which may have forced the announcement sooner than the couple would like.

At least one of those potential multiples is live-tweeting from the womb! (Kinda.)

Start placing your bets! Bookies have already drawn up the odds on which name Will and his wife will give their little one. Frances and John are currently leading the pack.

Congratulations for the parents-to-be are streaming in, including from father-of-two Barack Obama

Of course, everyone (even us!) is claiming to have seen the signs -- from the way Kate held her hands at an event last week, to her "slightly fuller" (but still liberal with the blusher) face, and her recent, not-so-radical haircut

Mr and Mrs Cambridge recently moved house, and before they've even had time to unpack the boxes, here's how one blogger thinks Kate should decorate the nursery. We do know the wee tot will at least have one thing to wear

And it case you're wondering what the bundle of excellent genes will look like -- here's the first of many face-morphs

Posted by Sarah Laing
2012-12-03, 13:29:35

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