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Why Kate Middleton Will Be A Natural As A Mom

Royal fans the world over are delighted at the news that Will and Kate are having a baby

While Kate is in a London hospital recuperating from acute morning sickness, people are already speculating about what kind of Mom she will be for her Royal baby. And the verdict from fans and friends is they are certain she'll be a natural!

"Kate will be a firm but fair mother," one friend tells Us Weekly.

"She will let her children have fun and freedom, but she will also make sure they do what is best for them," adds another longtime friend.

And when Kate and Will need a break, they will have both Uncle Harry and Aunt Pippa to help out -- as well as doting in-laws. "William loves being at Kate's parents' house for the weekend," says a friend of her parents, Carole and Michael. "I can imagine them spending summer visits at their grandmother and grandfather's."

And of course, she's already had some great "kid" training by taking care of her young cocker spaniel Lupo, who must be a handful! 

Posted by Neil Morton
2012-12-04, 17:03:04

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