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Royal Slip Up: Did Kate Divulge She's Having A Baby Girl?

It’s been a huge Royal secret, but Kate Middleton -- who is five months pregnant and expecting in July -- may have accidentally divulged the baby's gender Tuesday.

During a public appearance Kate was making to the National Fishing Heritage Centre in the northern UK town of Grimsby, a female fan waiting in the crowd gave her a teddy bear and Kate apparently said, "Thank you, I will take that for my d..." before cutting herself off.

Sandra Cook, a 67-year-old well-wisher who was standing nearby when Kate was given the teddy and made that remark, asked Kate if she was about to say "daughter". Kate replied, "No... We don't know." Cook then replied "Oh, I think you do," to which Kate said "We're not telling anybody."

If it is a girl, she could one day become Queen. Or maybe it's a prince, as another woman during another exchange thought she heard Kate say it's a boy. Maybe Kate's teasing us all!

One thing we do know for sure: the baby's kicking -- "very much", Kate said to one person in the crowd. 

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Posted by Neil Morton
2013-03-06, 10:00:59

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