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Going Viral: Will & Kate Royal Baby Hysteria

It may not match the Royal Wedding hysteria of 2011, but the closer we get to July -- the month Kate is expecting her Royal baby, and the same month Diana was born -- the more Royal baby mania/fever builds. 

Whether it was Kate's morning sickness, her growing baby bump, speculation on the gender of the baby (and whether it will be a future King or Queen), what their child will look like, her Baby on Board button, talk of a baby shower which would break with Royal tradition, Royal baby gift suggestions, or anything baby-related, Royal fans are getting more and more excited. 

The Royal baby on board, coupled with the build-up to their 2nd anniversary April 29th, is prompting hyper-interest in all things Will and Kate. Our Will and Kate Facebook fanpage has gained thousands of new fans in the past couple months since the baby announcement -- the page now has 42,000 fans -- and the #royalbaby hashtag on Twitter is picking up steam.  

As former royal correspondent Jennie Bond tells Express, the royal couple will face "baby mania" when the child is  born. And while she says it's unlikely the baby will live a normal life given that Will and Kate "are absolute box office superstars," she does add that "I think it is really important that Kate had ten years to get used to the idea of living in the royal goldfish bowl and I think she'll be OK."

No question Will and Kate will make terrific parents -- they've already had some great practice with their dog, Lupo.

The only glaring person that won't be part of the baby's life is Diana, who by all accounts would have been a proud and doting grandmother. 

"William feels it more than anyone I think -- that his mum hadn't witnessed these great landmarks in his life, but he's turned out just the way she would have hoped, she was always very proud of him," adds Bond

Indeed he has. And all eyes will be on him and Kate over the next few months as we get closer to the baby's due date. 


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Posted by Neil Morton
2013-03-28, 12:13:50

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