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Q: My wife and I are in great financial shape. We are debt-free, mortgage-free homeowners, with more than $100,000 in investments. We recently inherited a substantial amount of money and are currently in the process of adopting a child. Do we need a financial planner or investment coach to get everything in order?

Diana says...
First off, that’s good news that you’re both debt- and mortgage-free. You should consider your paid-off home a giant savings investment. Unless you’re experienced investors, I would seek the advice of an investment professional. Since you’re the lucky recipients of a large amount of money via the inheritance, a good option might be an independent, or fee-based, financial planner. Fee-based planners offer advice based on your income, lifestyle and investment goals, and, because these independent advisers don’t sell products, they offer objective advice based on your individual needs and goals.

Diana Cawfield is an award-winning financial writer with more than 10 years experience. Send her your questions here.