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Q: My husband likes to save (or rather, hoard), but I don't mind using credit to enjoy life a little more. Is there a compromise? Cuz we’re always fighting about it.

Diana says....
You’ve hit on one of the biggest fightin’ issues among couples: Money. Communicating about money before you spend is the most important thing. You need to be on the same page. This is especially true when it comes to big-expense items such as furniture, trips or cars. If you don’t realistically discuss your income and how far it will go, you’ll head into a debt war for sure. Pick a quiet time to talk about what you both want and what you can afford. If you’re planning to purchase larger items, consider setting up a mutual savings account and contributing each month until you’ve reached your goal.

Diana Cawfield is an award-winning financial writer with more than 10 years experience. Send her your questions here.