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Q: We plan to start having children soon. When should we set up a RESP?
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Ask 2 Experts
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exp_jamescoburn.png James Coburn Headhuner

Headhunter James Coburn helps you navigate your career path.

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What’s a great team-building exercise to do with my employees—particularly with morale so low because of the economy?
My wife just got laid off and it feels like she got shafted on her severance. Should she hire a lawyer or just bite her tongue and take the package?
Given how bad things are in the economy, I probably shouldn’t expect a raise as part of my next review, right?
It might be time for a career change. How do I know whether to go for it?
I’m currently unemployed. How do I stand out above the crowd competing
My boss is a cocky SOB who’s lousy at their job. Anything I can do about it?
I change jobs a lot, and the first days with a new employer are always so awkward. How can I loosen things up?
How do I win over a team that was perfectly content with the previous boss/regime?
I just got restructured out of a job I loved. What do I do?
Do people outside work bug you for career advice when they find out what you do?
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