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Q: My wife and I are in great financial shape. We are debt-free, mortgage-free homeowners, with more than $100,000 in investments. We recently inherited a substantial amount of money and are currently in the process of adopting a child. Do we need a financial planner or investment coach to get everything in order?
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Ask 2 Experts
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exp_jamescoburn.png James Coburn Headhuner

Headhunter James Coburn helps you navigate your career path.

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I want a raise. How do I get it?
I love my work, I love my spouse and kids. How do I balance “live to work” and “work to live”?
What’s the etiquette for emailing people back? Some­times people freak if I don’t reply within an hour.
I’m usually an extrovert, but in meetings I clam up in front of my colleagues. What should I do?
I’ve just been severed. What’s a fair amount? Where do I start my job search?
My colleagues surf the net all day long and it drives me c-r-a-z-y. Could you give me some suggestions?
What level do I have to be at in order to be on a headhunter’s radar?
My office is a mess. Does this look bad on me?
I’ve never had a job I liked—is it bad luck or me?
I’m a middle manager who wants my employees to like me. What do I do?
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