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Q: Why do managers schedule so many meetings? Do they do it to validate their existence?
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Ask 2 Experts
Ask 2 Experts
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exp_dianacawfield.png Diana Cawfield, finance guru

Finance guru Diana Cawfield gives her money cents.

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My partner and I want to try playing the stock market. What do you recommend we start with?
My husband and I earn a decent income but we never seem to get ahead of our debts. What can we do?
How do we find a good broker?
We’re looking to buy a house. How do we scrape together a down payment?
We’re having our first child soon. How much extra do you estimate this will end up costing us?
We want to allocate a certain amount of our salary to give to charity each year. Is there an average percent that people donate?
My partner loves to put everything on credit cards, but I much prefer to use the debit machine. How do we compromise?
We just opened a joint account and my partner always monitors my transactions. Make it stop!
I'm hearing a lot about ETFs lately. What are they?
Our credit cards and line of credit are maxed out. Help!
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