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Nearly Half Of Women Would Give Up Sex To Pay Bills

Sex matters but so does paying the bills in the United States. Bigtime.

Indeed, a new national consumer survey from market research firm Toluna on behalf of Billfloat reveals that 45 percent of women and 36 percent of men would abstain from sex to avoid paying bills.

This means that if giving up sex for a month got their bills paid, four in ten Americans (40 percent) would skip time between the sheets.

This is a dramatic increase over last year, when Billfloat says 21 percent of women and 16 percent of men said they would abstain from sex to pay their bills. (Notice that both years it's more women that would give up sex than guys.)

"The survey uncovered real issues around Americans needing a financial break and the lengths they would go for some breathing room," says Ryan Gilbert, BillFloat CEO and co-founder.

Among the other key findings from the survey on finances: 

• 80 percent of the 1,207 Americans surveyed wished they had more time as it relates to finances, with 45 percent specifically wanting more time to earn extra income.
• 65 percent would consider making a creative tradeoff to escape the bills all together.
• More than a third of consumers (37 percent) would turn off the TV for a month in exchange for their bills being paid.
• One in four people would give up digital devices and cellphone for a month.
• 40 percent of consumers said they would definitely or somewhat be more likely to buy a smartphone if they had more time to pay.
• If they had more time to pay, 51 percent would buy a vacation, 40 percent would save for retirement and 20 percent would make an expensive purchase.

Posted by Neil Morton
2013-03-27, 10:08:25

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