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Are You Financially Compatible With Your Partner?    

Would you trust your partner to manage your combined finances?

Well, it's better to find out in the early stages of the relationship, according to a new study.

TD Ameritrade found that couples fight about money five times per year, on average.

Surprisingly, 40 percent said they do not fully trust partners to manage their combined finances, yet only 5 percent stated money was an important factor when choosing a partner.

In order to help these couples argue less about their finances, personal finance expert and GoBankingRates managing editor, Casey Bond developed Love and Money: A Quiz for Couples.

This quiz will help couples determine their financial compatibility.

In fact, most of the financial stress that is so common in relationships can be avoided if "couples would test their financial compatibility during the early stages of their relationships, rather than ignoring the subject of money until it becomes a source of tension," says Bond.

This is just one of the many ways to find out how compatible you are with someone, and it can save you from arguments in the future.

"Money management is just as important as looks and personality when choosing a mate. Unfortunately, couples often wait too long to talk about each other's financial habits and goals," says Bond.

The test is just seven questions, each with five possible answers. I'm sure you can fit that in after dinner.

Will you be taking the Love and Money Quiz?

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-10, 10:33:25

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