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Myles Name: Myles, 3
Breed: French bulldog
Proud parents: Melanie, 28, and Aaron, 30
"One day at the beach, Myles spotted someone skim-boarding along the shore. He took off from us, and just as the skim-boarder threw his board, Myles passed him and jumped on for a ride!"

Photograph of couple and their dog.

On why they chose a French bulldog:
We considered a few different breeds of dogs with the common thread being that they were all a little funny looking. We had come across websites that described French bulldogs as quiet, friendly, and “little clowns.” We wanted a pet that could make us laugh at the end of a long day.

On their pet's personality:
Myles is hilarious. He's constantly snorting, snoring and even purring. He always greets visitors at the door, then proceeds to pull out his doggie toy box, and brings to our guests each one of his countless toys.

On how their pet has brought them closer together:
We got him before we were married, on the day we moved in together. So, he’s a sort of a symbol of our increased commitment in our relationship. We certainly share a lot more laughs together watching Myles get up to his antics.

On the challenges of being pet owners:
The biggest challenge is that we both work long hours and love to travel. This means we often use our dog-walkers for walks and boarding, which can really add up financially.