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Q: I've heard that brining a turkey is the best thing to do to keep it moist. Is this true?
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Q: If we order a bottle of wine in a restaurant, taste it and don’t like it, can we ask to try another bottle?
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What Time Is Fat O'Clock?    

When the clock strikes 7pm on Sunday, beware! The cravings are here!

Forza, a diet supplements brand, polled 750 people to come to the conclusion that 7pm on a Sunday is when we are most likely to give in to comfort food.

48 percent said they were prone to munching between 7pm and 10pm on Sundays.

Monday was found to be the the most likely fat indulging weekday, with 65 percent saying they grabbed an extra cookie due to stress from work.

Out of all the meals in a day, dinnertime was found to be when most people overeat. That may be because 41 percent skip their first meal of the day in general, making them more hungry as the day goes on.

Another factor that encourages comfort eating is eating at your desk. 46 percent of participants said they ate at their desk, and half of those say doing this makes them want to eat more later.

"The survey confirms that the danger times for overeating are when we are distracted or feeling negative emotions. For many people, Sunday afternoon marks the end of their weekend freedom and the start of the Monday work blues," says Rob Woodgate, co-creator of DietAssist.

"It is useful for everyone to know the exact times of those danger spots so that they can eat more sensibly on those days," says Lee Smith, Forza chief executive.

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-16, 10:31:12

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