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2Profile: Jamie Oliver...Back Again!We just can't get enough of the naked chef.

Photograph of Jamie Oliver cooking outside in Italy.

Between his books, TV shows, website and podcasts, not to mention his ongoing campaign to improve food served in school cafeterias and his restaurant chain Fifteen, which trains unemployed, underprivileged kids, it’s amazing multimedia man Jamie Oliver has time at all to spend with his wife, Jools, and their two young daughters, Poppy, 4, and Daisy, 3.

But for Oliver, food and family top his list of priorities. Perhaps that’s why he feels such a kinship with Italians—enough so to travel across Italy and write a book, Jamie’s Italy, on his experiences and the recipes he learned there. “I love Italy and everything it stands for—especially the wonderful ingredients and the passion that the locals have for their families and their food,” says Oliver, whose Food Network show Jamie’s Great Italian Escape documents his travels through Italy.

The book inspired his line of cookware by T-fal Jamie Oliver Italian Series (available now at The Bay and select Home Outfitters), which includes seven specialty pieces for classic Italian dishes like risotto, pasta, thick sauces and panini.

All showcase Oliver’s signature approach to cooking: pairing high-quality ingredients with simple preparation. “It’s not easy when you have so much going on in your life—cooking, eating and getting everyone round the table takes effort, but I think it’s really important to do,” says Oliver, who also understands the kind of time crunch young couples face. “Romantic meals don’t necessarily have to be posh four courses,” he says. “If you use good-quality, fresh ingredients, you can create something quick and easy but delicious.”

Oliver recommends the hunter’s chicken stew, also known as chicken cacciatore, which means “hunter” in Italian. “This is obviously the type of food that a hunter’s wife cooks for her fella when he gets home from a hard morning spent in the countryside,” he says. “It’s really simple to put together but tastes delicious, and it can be cooked in one pan or dish, which saves time and washing up! This is also a great dish for big parties, as it looks after itself in the oven.”

As for setting your own family tradition, “Start by having at least one meal a week when the whole family sits down together and eats a meal,” says Oliver, who likes to get his girls involved in what goes on in the kitchen. “They help me make up salads or breads and play around with herbs. They constantly taste things I’m making, and we talk a lot about the food,” he adds. “Kids aren’t going to be interested in something when it’s just put in front of them on a plate and they’re told to eat it. We need to teach them where things have come from, let them help with the cooking occasionally. Even if they are messing around with a pestle and mortar making big messes, at least they’re getting excited about it!”