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2Profile: Nadia Giosia (a.k.a. Nadia G.)Bitchin' Kitchen host Nadia G. serves up tasty home-cooked meals with a side of sass.

Photograph of Nadia G.

Move over Martha and Rachael Ray--there's a new girl in the kitchen! But Nadia Giosia (a.k.a. Nadia G.), sexy host of the hit online cooking show Bitchin' Kitchen (bitchinlifestyle.tv), isn't your typical domestic diva. Rather than the bland mash daytime viewers have come to expect from foodie fare, this Montréal-based cook-slash-comedienne serves up a big helping of sex appeal, sass and laughs, along with her delectable dishes. Her cooking philosophy? "You can have your cake--and make fun of it, too," she quips.

Bitchin' Kitchen is the world's first made-for-mobile cooking show. On each webisode, Nadia G. and her outlandish sous-chefs (a philandering fishmonger, an Israeli spice agent and a scantily clad bodybuilder named Hans) cook up simple gourmet meals--with a side of humour. The result is an over-the-top, award-winning culinary comic romp.

Nadia owes her cooking prowess to her Italian heritage and her comedic timing to a previous career as a sketch comic in Montréal. "I grew up in an Italian family where food was always the centre of attention," she says. "And, in true Italian fashion, my parents ran a catering company for many years. When I got into comedy, I really started missing the food." So Nadia created Bitchin' Kitchen, a hybrid cooking show and comedy routine. She aptly describes her unique culinary style as "punk Italian fusion," which relies upon fresh organic ingredients, simple techniques and natural presentation on the plate.

Cover art of Bitchin' Kitchen cookbook.

The show inspired a book spinoff, Nadia G.'s Bitchin' Kitchen Cookbook: Rock Your Kitchen--And Let the Boys Clean up the Mess (Skirt! Books, 2008). It's packed with the author's signature homestyle Italian dishes and offers recipes for real-life situations--like what to serve a one-night stand, the perfect I'm-sorry meal after PMS-ing on your partner, and dinners to impress picky in-laws.

In addition to the tantalizing recipes featured in the book, Nadia also dishes up musings on sex and love in the form of "Nadvice." For instance, when your sex life is more cold noodle than chocolate fondue, Nadia says, "Boys, stop picking your nose in front of your girlfriend and maybe you'll get some action." (If that doesn't work, try Nadia's sex-life saving, spicy pasta recipe.)

Though she gleefully claims she lives "with no stinkin' pets, spouses or spawn," the flirtatious foodie admits to having a romantic core beneath her pleather apron. "When you're cooking for someone, you're rockin' their taste buds," she says. "There's definitely something going on subconsciously that makes this person feel comfortable, cared for and loved. And maybe even in love with you--if you do it right."

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