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2's Amazing Tasting MenuGordon Ramsay's small plates deliver big flavor for your next dinner party.

You know the dinner-party drill: Show up on time, wine bottle in hand, ready to sit down for a traditional three- to five-course meal that leaves you stuffed to the brim. Feel full just thinking about it? For a change of pace, entice your guests with a tasting menu from the new book Gordon Ramsay's Maze (Key Porter Books, 2009), named after the chef's successful New York City and Los Angeles restaurants.

The Menu
Cider 'n black cocktail
Roasted asparagus with lemongrass, ginger and tea vinaigrette
Beet soup
Celery and apple salad with roquefort dressing
Beef satay with peanut sauce
Warm couscous salad
Cranachan with raspberries

Tasting Menu
Serving several small portions of fresh, tasty dishes--including roasted asparagus, beet soup with crème fraîche and goat cheese, and beef satays with a side of peanut sauce--will prevent the usual carb crash that many guests face. And it allows them to try more delicious dishes than the typical dinner-party lineup would permit. This mixed menu is best served on solid-colored place settings, alongside inexpensive accents. Try neutral linen napkins and tabletop decor made of glass to set a modern rustic tone. To ramp up the versatility of your tableware and stemware, use ramekins for app-sized portions of couscous, small roasters for sauces and dressings, and tumblers to showcase delicious desserts. Good bye boring dinner party, hello terrific tasting menu!

Oven to Table
Finding the right pattern for your place settings can be a time-consuming decision, but finding that perfect pattern in three complimentary colours? Tabletop heaven! Gordon Ramsay's Maze Collection by Royal Doulton includes stoneware dinnerware, boasts restaurant-quality durability and comes in three versatile colours: white, blue and grey. The subtle embossed rings draw attention to the centre of the plate, elegantly framing each and every dish. The collection also features a range of accessories, including beverage, pasta, and serving sets, durable oven to tableware, and a 6-piece knife set. The end result is a convenient collection that will satisfy a variety of serving occasions. Select add-on pieces in alternating colours to add a stylish touch. You can also stock your kitchen with Ramsay's 11-piece cookware collection, which is made of stainless steel to ensure rapid and even heat distribution. From prep to serving, you'll be ready to create wonderful meals--and memories!

Wine Dining
The right wine can mean the difference between a ho-hum dinner and a truly memorable meal. Inniskillin offers a range of reds and whites, sure to impress even the most seasoned of palates. The vineyard has also won multiple Cuvée awards, making their vintages ideal for your tasting menu. From Pinot Gris, Three Vineyards Pinot Noir, Vidal Icewine, Shiraz-Cabernet and Chardonnay Montague, there's a pairing for every course.