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Q: I’ve heard that up to one in 10 bottles of wine are “corked”—that is, tainted by an undesirable chemical reaction between wine and cork. True?
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Ask 2 Experts
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Q: What’s the best way to get deals at the grocery store?

Ryan says...
If you want to get the most out of your food budget, my advice is simple: Buy only what you need and eat all of it. You need to shop with a plan so think about specific dishes you want to prepare and the ingredients you’ll need to make them. Shop only for the necessary items, ignoring the shiny end displays of vermouth-soaked olives and economy size pudding packs, and stay away from frozen and prepared foods, as you’re paying for the convenience. Of course, there’s always coupon clipping as well.

Ryan Jennings’ latest book is called Entertaining with Booze (Whitecap Books). For recipes, cocktails and tips, visit cookingwithbooze.com. Click here to send him your questions.