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Q: I'm bored with my beer. Any ideas?
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Ask 2 Experts
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Q: I'm intimidated by different cuts of meat and I always default to the basics. How can I start branching out?

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Your butcher is da man.

Three words. Ask. Your. Butcher. These guys are bastions of knowledge and really want to help you. They also really want you to ask them questions. Not only can they walk you through the selection of cuts on offer, but also how to cook them. And don't be afraid of cheaper cuts, like flank steak, as price doesn't mean you’re losing out on flavour or tenderness. Seasoned, cooked and cut properly, a flank steak can be absolutely delicious. Your butcher will also do lots of work for you--often times for free. Get them to debone a chicken, make you a crown roast or cut a three-inch thick T-bone. All you have to do is ask.

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