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Q: I get motion sickness in cars, on planes and on ships. Any tips for how to cope?

Michele says...
Motion sickness is nasty, but it’s preventable and treatable. Where you sit matters. You’ll experience less motion sickness in a car if you drive or sit in the front seat, face forward, and focus on the horizon or a distant, stationary object. On a plane, request a window seat over the wing and look out. If you’re cruising, book a cabin on the uppermost deck, in the front or middle of the ship. Don’t read while in transit, and nix spicy or greasy foods and booze. Many travellers swear by motion sickness wristbands, such as Sea-Band, which are available at most drugstores. They work by stimulating the acupressure point that’s associated with nausea. Ginger is another natural option. Take two capsules of powdered ginger—available at health food stores—20 minutes before your trip. Gravol also works, but it can make you sleepy—which may or may not be a good thing. (A non-drowsy alternative is Gravol Natural Source, at most pharmacies.)

A travel writer extraordinaire, Michele Sponagle has visited more than 40 countries around the world. Send her your travel questions here.