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Q: How can we make sure we don’t get bumped off a flight?

Illustration of couple watching their plane take off.Michele says...
If you get handed a boarding pass and the spaces for row and seat number are blank, you could potentially be bumped off a flight. And that would be a drag, especially if you’ve got a connection to make. Sadly, getting bumped is more common these days. Airlines want every seat filled, so they overbook to avoid empty seats and lost revenue. Avoid the bump by checking in for your flight online the day before. If that’s not an option, check in early at the airport. The airlines provide recommended times on your e-ticket, and late check-ins are the first ones squeezed from a flight. Another tactic: Find out what the busiest times are (which is when people are most likely to get bumped)—probably Sunday night, Monday morning, Thursday night and Friday morning.

A travel writer extraordinaire, Michele Sponagle has visited more than 40 countries around the world. Send her your travel questions here.