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Q: What’s your take on Facebook and other social networking sites: Should employees be allowed to use them? Is it a valuable work resource in some companies?
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Q: We want to allocate a certain amount of our salary to give to charity each year. Is there an average percent that people donate?
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Q: What’s the best way for me to get out there and find a new job?

James says....
Find a headhunter who specializes in your field, and keep in touch three times a year, providing them with your wish list of dream companies. But don’t wait for them to find that perfect job for you; get on your cellphone over lunch and book 15 minutes to speak with the companies you really want to work for. Your persistence will get you a meeting more often than not. Cross your fingers.

James Coburn is a career specialist with 20 years' experience in search recruitment. He is VP of wwwork!. Click here to send him your questions.