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Q: I’m in a new managerial role that requires me to interview candidates. What makes a good interviewer?
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Ask 2 Experts
Q: My wife and I have combined salaries of $80,000 but still owe more than $30,000 in student loans. What’s the fastest way to get rid of our student debt?
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Q: Is it okay to take a two-week holiday in the summer with my family, even though I have a senior position?

James says....
What will your family remember: staying at home in the city while you’re at work or running along, say, the beaches of Prince Edward Island? My family cherishes the red earth of P.E.I. and still talks about the holiday we spent there three years ago. So, yes, do it, but manage expectations with your employer. Plan the time off and let your colleagues and superiors know well ahead of time so that they can prepare themselves. Contrary to what most people think, companies want to give you the time off to recharge your batteries.

James Coburn is a career specialist with 20 years' experience in search recruitment. He is VP of wwwork!. Click here to send him your questions.