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Q: How many references do I need? And who should they be?
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Ask 2 Experts
Q: How do we cover all our expenses without running dry at the end of every month?
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Ask 2 Experts
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Q: My office is a mess. Does this look bad on me?

James says....
I think it looks bad on you, yes. But the question you need to ask yourself is, How does it really make you feel? If the answer is guilty, then at least once a year fill up three gar­bage bags and clear the air—or, better yet, get in the habit of always keeping it clean. Take the weight off your shoulders. You will feel so much better. If, on the other hand, your performance is high and a pile of papers, magazines and accumulated junk on your desk doesn’t bother you, it’s hard for me or anyone else to tell you to change what you’re doing. I know an outstanding performer whose office is complete chaos.

James Coburn is a career specialist with 20 years' experience in search recruitment. He is VP of wwwork!. Click here to send him your questions.