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Q: My new company told me that I'd be travelling 10 percent of the time, but it's more like 40 percent. I'm miserable, and my new wife is too. What should I do?
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Ask 2 Experts
Q: After we’ve made all our credit card payments at the end of the month, we have nothing left. Any suggestions for saving some dough?
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Ask 2 Experts
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Q: I’ve just been severed. What’s a fair amount? Where do I start my job search?

Woman in shock hiding in supply closet. James says....
First of all, take a moment and breathe. This is a difficult time, a very emotional time. Then see the positives. “Look at it from an opportunity stand­point,” explains Tim Cork, senior vice-president/partner of NexCareer, an outplacement/career transition company. “Life is 10 per­­cent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you re­act. This is a great chance to reflect and to look at different options.” Cast your net wide, do your research, network, use referrals, create a shortlist of all the places you would like to work for, and just go for it! As for what a fair severance would be, in Tim’s ex­perience, companies will give you anywhere from a week to a month per year based on tenure, seniority and company policy.

James Coburn is a career specialist with 20 years' experience in search recruitment. He is VP of wwwork!. Click here to send him your questions.