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Q: My company isn’t doing well and my boss is pushing me to leave, but I want to hold out for a severance package—which they are obviously trying to avoid offering. Should I stay or should I go?
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Q: Should we postpone our vacation plans given the recession? Any tips on where to go as we’re dying to get away somewhere, anywhere!
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Q: I want to be a CEO someday. What kind of person does it take?

James says....
I asked one of my favourite CEOs in the advertising industry, Esmé Carroll, chair and CEO of Toronto-based Ambrose Carr Linton Carroll, what qualities she thinks a great one should possess. “They have to have great analytical ability, and they have to be able to innovate and come up with original and fresh solutions,” she told me. “I would add to these qualities the ability to lead, motivate people, and be curious. I’ve never met a successful CEO who didn’t have the ability to not only set a direction but to get everyone around them to feel motivated to go in that direction. And great leaders ask lots of questions because they’re curious about the world.”

James Coburn is a career specialist with 20 years' experience in search recruitment. He is VP of wwwork!. Click here to send him your questions.