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Q: What's the deal with fat? Should I try to cut it out completely from my diet?

Tonya says...
Fat's got a bad rap. Yes, some fats are bad for you—the fat you find sandwiched in a cookie, the melted butter on your corn, the crunch on your fries. These are the pesky, pound-adding satur-ated and trans fats you've heard about in the news. But some other fats can actually improve your health. Mono- and poly-unsaturated varieties are the so-called "good" fats. They make a big difference in taste and actually help lower total cholesterol. They aren't inherently bad—in moderation. There is still continued debate about what percentage of your diet should be good fats. Aim for about 15 to 20 percent fat on a daily basis. Some excellent—and tasty—sources include fish (salmon, herring, halibut, oysters), avocado, nuts (soy, almonds, walnuts), seeds, Omega-3 eggs and olive oil.

Tonya Rouse Hillenbrand is a certified fitness and nutrition expert, and a former national triathlete and duathlon team member. Click here to send her your questions.