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Q: I get dry skin in the winter. Help!

Tonya says...
Rough, dry, scaly or flaky skin is not uncommon in the winter. The harsh elements and dry heating systems are contributing factors. Drink loads of water to stay hydrated—did you know your body depletes as much water in the winter as it does in the summer months? You might want to consider taking a fish-oil or flaxseed-oil supplement, which can help to keep the skin moisturized. I take O3mega (a Greens+ product) and put flaxseed oil in my powershakes and flaxseeds on my cereal and yogurt; they help to alleviate dry skin usually within a couple of weeks. Also, make sure to moisturize. Lots. Your skin will be glowing afterward, especially if someone else slathers the moisturizer on for you.

Tonya Rouse Hillenbrand is a certified fitness and nutrition expert, and a former national triathlete and duathlon team member. Send her your health questions here.