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Q: My hubby has a pregnant-belly look going on and he really wants to lose it. Where does he start?

Photograph of man's naked beer belly.Tonya says...
If your husband is eating more calories than he is burning, he will store the extra fuel as fat. It’s that simple. He needs to look at his dietary habits and start counting calories. Get him to reduce the “whites” as much as possible—white bread, white pasta, white rice, white flour—and consume more fresh fruit and veggies at every meal. His plate should have a rainbow of colours. It’s equally important that he get regular exercise—his workouts should incorporate both cardio and resistance training. Hiring a certified personal trainer is the best and safest way to get started on a program.

Tonya Rouse Hillenbrand is a certified fitness and nutrition expert, and a former national triathlete and duathlon team member. Send her your health questions here.