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Q: My once-fit hubby has lost hope he’ll ever get rid of his beer belly. What can he do?
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How to Smoothly Execute A Fan Allegiance ShiftSidestep the player hating by learning how to bandwagon jump, stigma-free.

For every Derek Jeter or Nicklas Lidstrom who settles down with one club (for better or worse!), there are dozens of hotshots who hop zip codes the first comely offer they get. If the quest for more $$$ and a chance to be part of a winning team are widely acceptable reasons for a player to make a jersey swap, why should long-suffering fans who shift allegiances be red-flagged for following suit? Sidestep the player hating by learning how to bandwagon jump, stigma-free. 

Become A Free Agent.
Get over team monogamy. Why lend your loyalty to a team that gets perennially manhandled when you can back a serial winner instead? You don’t need Neil Sedaka to tell ya that "breaking up is hard to do." Ease into burying the hatchet by YouTube-ing choice highlights from the glory days of yore one last time.

Lay The Groundwork.
Donate team paraphernalia, jerseys, hats and the like to the Salvation Army. Even clothing or decor that merely exhibits team colours must go. Next, erase all vestiges of your fan affiliation in public forums like Facebook and Twitter. If you have a giant Fathead graphic on your man cave or lady lair wall, that's so coming down too.

Know The Stripe-Changing Game.
The downside of flipping teams like flapjacks is the risk of coming off as a front-running poseur. Avoid the fair-weather fan tag by severing ties in the middle of the off-season well before pre-season favourites are anointed. Also never ever consider your ex's storied rival. Going Lakers to Celtics is as douchey a move as dating an ex-lover's sister.

Slide in Feet First.
With your old flame in the rear view, it's time to play the field. Go ahead and flirt with a new affection online and get more leisurely acquainted on the couch while sipping a cold one. If you've played your cards right, this could be the squad you want to go all the way.