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Tonya Rouse Hillenbrand on everything to do with your well-being.

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My friend dropped 70 pounds through a weight-loss program. I’ve struggled with my weight for years—do these plans work for everyone?
I am severely underweight and have been trying to gain weight all my life. I have tried everything, to no avail. Help!
I’ve hit a plateau with my exercising, and my body is no longer changing like I want it to. Any tips?
What’s the best treatment for a hangover?
How do I know if I’m a weekend warrior?
I have a bad back. How do I determine whether to see a physiotherapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist?
I don’t like regular milk but love chocolate milk. Is it okay to drink this to get my calcium, or is it too fattening?
I’m always active and want to minimize my recovery time for minor injuries. Know any quick fixes that work?
Our couple friends have been fasting all week, only drinking water and taking vitamins. What’s your take on this? Okay to do?
Do beer and wine have about the same amount of calories?
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