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Tonya Rouse Hillenbrand on everything to do with your well-being.

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I’m on an exercising kick now, but tend to fall off the wagon easily. How can I stick with it this time?
I slouch so much and so often, it actually hurts to sit up straight. What exercises should I be doing to combat this?
How important is it to take vitamins?
Is it a good idea to exercise while I’m pregnant?
Why is it so easy to put weight on, but so hard to take it off?
I drink about six cups of coffee a day. Is that too much?
I want to take up running, but the notion of it seems sooo boring. Any ideas?
Why do our backs become problematic as we get older? Any preventative measures?
What’s better for you: biking or jogging?
My hubby has a pregnant-belly look going on and he really wants to lose it. Where does he start?
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