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Ask 2 Experts
1. 2Profile: Jennifer Hedger & Sean McCormick
2. 10 Great Ways for Couples to Get in Shape
3. Board Games for Bored Couples
4. Q&A: Vincent Lecavalier
5. 2Profile: Trish Stratus & Hubby
6. 2Profile: Julia Taffe & Colin Zacharias
7. Get Fit Together!
8. Totally Wicked-Rad Sports to Try
9. I Ran a Marathon with My Girlfriend (and Survived!)
10. Sports Clichés
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Tonya Rouse Hillenbrand on everything to do with your well-being.

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I’ve led a sedentary lifestyle and can’t imagine exercising every day. Isn’t it exhausting?
I want to start selecting better foods. Where do I start?
I recently gave up cigarettes after smoking heavily for many years. Will my lungs ever fully recover?
Is it true that women are more flexible than men?
Are there any magic pills for fat loss?
I have trouble finding the time to exercise. What’s the least I can do that will make a difference to my health?
I lead an active lifestyle and have been in great shape most of my life, but I can’t seem to get my wife off the couch and it’s starting to really bother me. Any tips?
Why do all you fitness experts encourage people to eat brekkie?
What’s the best way to diagnose injuries such as a strain in a muscle or tendon?
As a woman, I fear my arms and legs will get bigger from lifting weights. True or false?
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