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Q: I’m always active and want to minimize my recovery time for minor injuries. Know any quick fixes that work?
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WATCH: THIS Is Why You Should Watch The Super Bowl

If you're like me, watching the Super Bowl has little to do with football. It's about the half-time entertainment, the commercials, the pulled pork nachos.

This year, I was planning to skip watching the Super Bowl altogether, opting instead for takeout Thai and a screening of Justin Bieber's 2011 biopic, Never Say Never (I've heard it's life-changing), at a friend's house. (Her boyfriend was totally cool with us kicking him out and using his 50-inch flat-screen TV to watch the Biebs flick on Super Bowl Sunday. Totally cool.)

But, after feasting my eyes on the scrumptious Calvin Klein Underwear teaser commercial below--and subsequently learning that the full spot will run during the game on Sunday--I am seriously rethinking my priorities. Although the sight of Justin in his undies is enough to throw throngs of teenage girls into hysteria, his mere-mortal abs ain't got nothin' on the CK model's god-like torso... and here's the proof!


Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-02-01, 15:31:11

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