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Are Healthy Couples Happier Couples?    

Getting in shape isn't always easy, but it helps when you have constant motivation from your partner.

"My boyfriend was a huge help in terms of introducing me to a fit lifestyle and keeping me motivated," says Bianca Del Bois of Burlington, Ontario, who used to live an unhealthy lifestyle but is now a healthy fitness guru.

For most couples, it really helps if both parties are into a healthier lifestyle. "We do the same routines together, jog together and do some creative outdoor workouts," says Del Bois.

Working out with your partner can be fun, but are healthier couples really happier couples?

"Without sounding biased, yes!" says Del Bois. "I've never been happier or healthier in a relationship before. We really motivate each other to reach our full potential."

Now training to compete for two bikini competitions in May and June, Del Bois is always changing her diet and workout to keep it fresh.

It sounds easy but it has been hard work!

She finds that the improvements in her lifestyle have made this all worth it. "Physically I've increased stamina during cardio sessions, much more muscle definition and toning and an overall healthy appearance," says Del Bois.

Now people are so amazed by her hard work transformation that they go to her for help to achieve their fitness goals, so what advice does she have for us?

"The first steps to getting in shape would be to adjust your eating habits and just start with 30 to 45 minutes of physical activity a day, whether it's cardio, weight training, or even a Zumba class."

She also showcases her hard work, healthy recipes, and gives advice on her Facebook page, YouTube channel, and blog.     

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-04, 11:57:27

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