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Q: Why do all you fitness experts encourage people to eat brekkie?
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We Scream For World's First 100% All-Natural Low-Calorie Ice Cream    

When I think of ice cream, I think of delicious, refreshing goodness, but then of course the guilt kicks in.

Even thinking of low-fat ice creams, you still get artificial ingredients, too much sugar, and the taste is never as good.

So finally, a guy named Justin Woolverton, decided enough was enough and created Halo Top Creamery.

Halo Top contains only a quarter of the calories of regular ice cream (at 280 calories per entire pint), it's the first and only low-calorie ice cream and it's all natural.

It's low in sugar and fat, naturally rich in protein, non-com, and contains organic stevia to give it that sugary taste, but it's natural!

But enough of the nutrition facts, the taste is what it all boils down too.

Halo Top uses rich ingredients like organic Madagascar vanilla bean and organic strawberries, and uses cage-free eggs and dairy free from synthetic growth hormones.

Added bonus? It's gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly, and contains no trans fats.

Get this ice cream in four flavors: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry, and cult favorite Lemon Cake.

It's sold throughout Southern California, but Halo Top suggests on their website to ask your local store manager to get their ice cream, or start a petition… Or begin a march. They will tweet about it.

What do we want? Low-fat all-natural yet satisfying ice cream! When do we want it? Now!

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-30, 10:49:13

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